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Ashriver Woodworks

Ashriver Woodworks

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About Us

Here at Ashriver Woodworks we have over 40 years of combined woodworking experience. With an eye for creativity like no other.

We started this family business with a focus of creating amazing pieces, our dream is that each piece of handmade furniture brings people together in your home. The vision behind each piece created is designed to generate love, laughter, connection and memories to last a lifetime. We have created a wide range of items for clients spanning the country. From king sized reclaimed beds to large Oregon Black Walnut dining tables. One of our main focus' is creating environmentally sustainable products, using 100% reclaimed wood salvaged from deconstructed old buildings whenever possible to give back to the Earth. We started this business in 2018 in Castle Rock, WA with ambitions to take it as far as possible. We couldn't be more excited to be in Astoria and opening a retail space in the downtown area. We are planning a soft opening this Saturday the 17th if April and shooting for a Grand Opening the 30th of April.


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