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Baxter Family Medicine

Baxter Family Medicine

Health Care

About Us

At Baxter Family Medicine we focus on patients — not just illnesses and conditions. Our unique and personalized approach to medical care means we are partners in our patients quest for long-term health. We understand there are many parts to create a whole patient. We concentrate on addressing all the factors of our patients lives that can impact health and help make positive changes to improve health and vitality.

Patients achieve superior health outcomes with Direct Primary Care's (DPC) innovative service delivery. DPCs provide better access to the physician, empower an authentic therapeutic relationship, and provides comprehensive patient care.

Our patients enjoy exceptional access with same day and next day appointment availability, unlimited office, virtual, and telephone visits, as well as direct communication with clinic staff and the doctor via email and text, providing unparalleled access to care.

Affordable, transparent costs based on a monthly membership fee. Patients pay the physician directly. No third parties (insurance) or Fee for Service billing to inflate costs.

Discounted generic medications, durable medical supplies, laboratory studies and imaging are available to members. Durable medical supplies and wholesale generic medications dispensed from the clinic aree available to our patients at wholesale cost plus 15%. Every effort has been made to procure wholesale imaging and wholesale laboratory studies.