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Columbia River Coffee Roaster

Columbia River Coffee Roaster


About Us

We've been roasting coffee since 1992, and after about 17 years, moved our company into a beautifully renovated historic building in the Uniontown district of Astoria (The old Finnish Meat Market). We roast a wide variety of coffees for a wide variety of coffee drinkers: from single origin roasts, showcasing the inherent flavors and qualities of specialty coffee, to traditional darker roasts and blends. We source through importers and through an increasing number of direct trade relationships, where we have a transparent connection with the people who own the farms; who grow the coffee.

We're in the process of designing a remodel of the space up front to include a coffee lab and training space for our wholesale accounts, as well as a refreshed coffee house for the community to gather and share ideas, as it has here for the past pre-covid decade. Currently, the roaster has a small retail shop open for freshly roasted beans, where you can view the operation, sample a couple of brews (including cold brew) before your purchase of beans, brewing equipment and delectable coffee truffles.


Colombia River Coffee Roaster, logo
Our smaller roaster, Diedrich's IR-7, for the ultra-special coffees, for no more than 7lb (3kilo) batches.
Let us help your home-coffee program with a Kalita Brewer & filters, and some freshly roasted. Need it ground? We got you.
Boxing up custom made Thundermuck Truffles, delicious in 4-packs or individually.
Jon hunkered down with a fresh cup, in his favorite place amongst the giant sacks of green coffee.
Freshly roasted, a medium roasted Ethiopia Worka Sakaro, dropping into the cooling bin