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Have you ever wished you could fly? Discover Paragliding has been helping aspiring pilots fulfill that dream for nearly 15 years. Finally, after years of searching for the perfect training location and Tandem Instructional site, Brad and Maren found Sunset beach. After setting up shop here in 2003, they now have what they consider to be the best paragliding training and tandem flying location in all of the Northwest, right here on Sunset Beach.
Hundreds of aspiring pilots, age 4 to 81, have already enjoyed their Introductory Tandem Experience Program. Climb (with an instructor) to 3000' above Sunset Beach and take in the stunning 360° views, from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Range, all followed by a gentle landing on the soft sandy beach. It's a great way to spend a day on the beach with family and friends!
For those that would prefer a solo experience, they offer full solo certification courses, from that very first day, all they way through instructor/tandem certification. Their novice training program is widely regarded as one of the very best in the country, getting you up and into the air quickly, while never sacrificing their commitment to thorough training and safety.
They also offer a wide variety of paragliding gear and accessories in their well equipped paragliding store and shop. With many models to choose from, they will help to ''custom fit'' a full kit to match your personal style and abilities. (A typical paragliding kit weighs in at around 50 pounds, and is capable of keeping you in the air for hours at a time.)


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