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Rosebriar Mansion - Vacation Rental & Wedding Venue

Rosebriar Mansion - Vacation Rental & Wedding Venue

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About Us

Experience the newly-restored Rosebriar Mansion, a former convent-turned-vacation rental & wedding venue!

Rented to one group at a time, the Mansion includes 7 bedrooms, each with its own full bathroom, as well as an open-concept living/dining area and private outdoor garden with gazebo. Ideal for group vacations, wedding parties, reunions, retreats and multi-generational families!

The Rosebriar Mansion has undergone many transformations since its origin in 1902. Originally constructed as a single-family home by a local banker, a chapel and six additional bedrooms were added to convert it into a convent for the local Catholic Church & School in 1949. Circa 1990 it was transformed again, into a bed & breakfast for 20 years, and served as a women's residential rehabilitation center for another decade from 2008-2018. The property then stood vacant for two years, which allowed a pervasive leak to damage a large section in the rear portion of the building.

In 2020, Djordje ''George'' Citovic and his wife, Trudy Van Dusen Citovic, purchased the property with new vision - a shared space for friends and family to connect and re-connect with one another. Having traveled with their own extended families on multiple occasions, they understood the needs of large groups and how to create just the right atmosphere by making the space feel both special and homey at the same time.

Djordje spent a full year lovingly restoring the home, and it shows! His journey is documented on our social media pages.

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The Rosebriar Mansion, Historic Landmark in Astoria
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