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Vaulted Gallery

Vaulted Gallery

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About Us

Co-owners Jen & James Crowe opened Vaulted Gallery in 2019. Vaulted was a long time in the making. The couple had been running temporary pop-up style galleries in southern California since 2014. The Crowe’s decided to put down new roots on the northern Oregon coast and found the perfect home for their new venture.

Vaulted showcases contemporary works in a variety of mediums, including: panoramic landscape photography, paintings, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry. The gallery often features work with references to nature and the landscape as well as abstract work.

On year round display is panoramic landscape photography by James Crowe, paintings, woven art and fine jewelry by Jen Crowe.


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Gallery Image Joshua_Tree_X06_-_APG_V1_-_37K_-_639MP_-_SNS_V1-_PS_V2_-_Halo_Fix_-_10K_Viewing.jpg
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Gallery Image Maui_-_Waianapanapa_X1_-_WB5000-15_-_APG_-_V1_-_31K_-_300MP_-_SNS2_2_-_Toning_Merge_V1_-_PS_Clean_2_-_10K_Viewing.jpg
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